All this, and embroidery too!

Oh, hello—Fancy seeing you here! It’s been awhile. Turns out, I’d rather be printing than blogging, and I guess it shows. And goodness, we have had a lot to print! I am so thankful for the clients who gave this little screen-printing start-up a try, and for our having had the opportunity to grow alongside them, now offering more options, more quality product, and faster turn-arounds. Sqege isn’t exactly new to the game any longer. And while we’ll never be the biggest shop around, our passion has led to experience and experience to confidence—confidence that we have what it takes to deliver quality, custom apparel that meets and exceeds our clients’ expectations. 

And the hits keep coming. 2023 brings another milestone as Sqege adds custom embroidery to our portfolio of apparel options. This has been a longtime coming, and we couldn’t be more excited! I remember back in 2018, not long after we began our little underground print shop that my mother first suggested the possibility of embroidery, and I scoffed. Do you know the kind of initial investment that would take? …the learning curve for an entirely new process? And what about space and the staff to facilitate it? Impossible. But then, one by one, the obstacles that initially seemed so insurmountable began to take on different dimensions—or maybe better said—we were growing, they weren’t. In the end it wasn’t a wall, just the next step, and the time has come to see where it leads. 

2023 has the potential to not only maintain Sqege’s trajectory of growth, but blow it out of the water! It’s—honestly—a little frightening. But this I’ve learned in my 44th trip around the sun: fear can be a compass pointing us towards that which has the greatest potential for evolution. The trick is to push into it, following it to see what’s on the other side. And I’m glad you’re here, along for the journey. 

Let’s see where it takes us! 

Chief Ink Officer

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