This one is for the books! Pandemics and protests. School closures and face-masks. Suffice to say, this year has certainly kept us on our toes! And while our plans have changed… and adapted, and altered, and rebooted, and… well, you get the idea, we’re so thankful for the things that have held constant through it all: the love and support of those closest, everyday-heroes (for whom capes are optional but masks are mandatory), and the growing sense that some things are larger and more important than what so often and too often separate us. Black lives certainly matter. Equity is worth championing, even if we don’t have a perfect idea of what it looks like. The future isn’t bound by our past mistakes, just our present courage. Yes, emotions have been high, and anger, while certainly justified, can leave a mess in its wake.

The question is what lies on the other side of anger?

The world-wide-web of opinion is anything but short on answers. Everyone has the answer, yet no one wants to listen. So, maybe we start there: just listening. And maybe that’s enough. Without judgement, without solutions, without pigeonholing left / right, progressive / conservative… just listening to fellow humans, with just enough hubris and just enough dignity to see that we’re all in 2020 together.

Sqege is proud to be on this journey with you.

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