Hold My Fear

As certain as Santa’s clandestine rounds on the 25th, the dawn of January 1 brings with it a requisite nostalgia for another year past, and eager anticipation for the year ahead. And what a year it has been! 2019 saw SQEGE transform from concept to company. From time to time I wondered if we had bitten-off a bit more than we could chew, but each job took us into new territory, new opportunities, new experiences. This is how things begin. We were able to create custom designs, help-out some good people, and give-back to some organizations that we believe in. It’s been a blast!

We continue to invest back into SQEGE with new equipment and expanding potential. And that’s how things continue. It’s hard now to say what 2020 will develop into, but having our way, this coming year would establish perhaps a slower, if also steadier pace. We of course look forward to the ongoing relationships with current clients while also meeting the needs of the new. But we are VERY excited to make 2020 the year of a more regular in-house designs - producing one limited-edition run every month.

Each month we will be releasing a custom design only available through sqege.design, and each month we will be giving a portion of the proceeds to a different organization that we believe in. …because we can.

As this develops, I’m sure we’ll tighten-down on dates so that you know exactly when our new in-house designs will launch, but as for now, watch this space! …and jump on January’s inaugural design: “Hold My Fear.” A percentage of every shirt sold goes towards the Midwest Ohio chapter of CISV. CISV is a global organization dedicated to educating and inspiring for peace through building cross-cultural friendship, cooperation and understanding.

We can think of very little our world needs right now more than that.

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