Success looks like...

A side-hustle is by definition both, A) on the “side”, and B) involving “hustle.” As such, it operates in the margins of bandwidth, in the surplus not consumed by other aspects of life. Side means, obviously, not the whole. But at the same time, we’re not talking about Thursday-night leftover-casserole; hence we add “hustle”, a motivated pursuit, a contingent-contentment, an unsatiated hunger. Hustle then implies a movement towards a goal. So, what is the goal? What does Sqege’s success look like?

  1. Experiential Growth: I don’t know how to put this any other way, but Sqege’s success will foremost benefit me. Clients will be served, good design created, and quality product produced, all of which I hope will reverberate out into the larger world. But the core of this good will be directed my way, in the form of experiential growth. Sqege is a growth machine, teaching, stretching, and training me. Likely never making lots of money and likely never garnering wide-spread acclaim: success here will be the continual process of developing craft, and a willingness to accept the lessons it brings my way.

  2. Happy Clients: A personal mantra: Good design is good theology. Sqege serves clients in producing the best design and custom screen printed apparel we possibly can, marked by a mutually-advantageous price, timely-delivered product, and open and ongoing communication.

  3. Sustainability: Sqege operates in collaboration with an already full-life of family, art, faith, and profession, and it must dovetail with those passions in a way that is additive rather than subtractive. When it ceases to be a benefit to itself and others, it’s over. 

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