Summer Break!

Road trips get mixed reviews. Possibly you yourself have memories of getting crammed into the backseat of some sweaty, glass-and-vinyl enclosure to endure untold-hours through the infinite expanse of midwestern America. Extra-points if said vehicle was also a diesel. But even if this wasn't your personal history, it's probably not a bad idea to question if, in this age of technological wonder it's a good-idea to pile into the ol' fossil-fuel burner, lock the doors, crank the AC, and hit the open, if somewhat aging, road. Does this thing have WIFI? What if I lose my streaks? Stop touching me! Pee-emergency! What in the world are we listening to??

No one said fun was going to be easy. Fun can be challenging like pushing a wheelchair up and down the streets of Boston. Fun can be aggravating like learning you've just spent $22 on a grilled-cheese. Fun can be stifling like a nostral-full of old gym socks in a hot car. Fun can be equally too wet or too hot or too cold. Fun can sometimes (though only rarely) take you to an after-hours clinic. And it will also take you to a private lake. And to the best gelato of your life. And sailing. And on clandestine, mid-night adventures to find ramen. In short, you never quite know where you'll find fun, but I contend, you stand a pretty good chance, packing it in with family on a good, old fashioned road-trip.

Even better if your family does so with matching Sqege shirts. :) 
Here's to turning fleeting summer days into memories that last lifetimes.



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