The "S" Word

In our family we have a simple rule: during the months of June and July, no one is allowed to say the "S" word. The "S" word of course, is "School." Since both my wife and I are teachers, summer is the time to decompress and recharge. My son understands this (Ha! #youtubeforlife)... my daughter, not so much. It's not her fault she LOVES school, but come on, do we HAVE to day-dream out-loud about school supplies while we're just trying to hang-out at the pool?? 

There ARE worse problems I suppose. ;)

As September approaches, we are officially back in the swing of the "S-word" and EXCITED about a new year of challenges, possibilities, and growth! This year especially brings with it new opportunities as Sqege partners with a local schools to develop custom-design and custom-inked apparel

Northmont marching band had a quick turn-around for their 2019 team shirts, and Sqege was able to deliver with a wonderfully-soft Bella+Canvas triblend, making those August afternoon practices a LITTLE more bearable. And when it came to parents and supporters of the band, we're able to offer a range of tees, long-sleeve tees, and hoodies. ...Whew! 

We are super-excited to be working with Miami East Elementary, who wanted to go a slightly different direction this year by offering some new designs and clothing options. We were able to not only develop custom designs, but update the ordering process to include a custom collection portal at!

Troy Christian presented us with the opportunity to develop a marching band design for their 2019 season, as well as offer the design to parents / supporters on our website in order to benefit their band-boosters and marching uniforms.

We couldn't be more excited to support our community in this way and can't wait to see what the future holds!

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