I guess it's pretty standard to have a love-hate relationship with your home town. Even in the best of locales It would be easy to move from familiarity to boredom, and even to contempt. Which is why having been born and raised in Troy Ohio, I'm happy, well, to be happy. Hey, Troy ain't perfect, but its got a big heart and is constantly trying to improve itself... which would be fine words of accommodation for anyone. In recent years, Mayor Mike Beamish has not only been the governmental face of Troy, but a man who truly embodies the folksie, good-natured "niceness" of our small town. I don't think Mike has ever met a stranger, nor I dare say could one remain unfriendly towards Mike if put in an enclosed space with the mayor for more than five minutes. Regardless, I'm a fan. And so, as Major Beamish prepares to retire later this spring, I thought a tribute tee might be the PERFECT way to launch my little endeavor of I'll give you a little taste here, but more is on the way! 


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